Club Player Policy





(1)     Support your Club every Saturday night from 6pm, except in extreme circumstances

 (2)     Carry a positive attitude at all times to coaches, managers, referees and each other

 (3)       CLUB                1st

            TEAM               2nd

            PLAYER           3rd

(4)     Please support/play for the other teams in the Club when asked by your coach or RDO. We only do this when we have to and appreciate this

(5)     Coaches to add variety and use resource coaches

 (6)     Pay you subs

 (7)     Train to Win

 (8)     Clean the sheds after games and training sessions

 (9)     Wear your jersey with pride

 (10) Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion

 (11) No player shall be exempt from being asked by the RDO to play for a team above his grade when required. Refusal to do so without an honest excuse will make the player ineligible to play for any team in the club. The club may default a team if the above policy is not followed