The New Brighton Rugby Football Club was established in 1894.  At some stage between then and 1921, the club went into recess, but from 1921 onwards it has enjoyed continuous membership.

In earlier days locals felt that outsiders should have a permit to enter New Brighton from central Christchurch.  Today the suburb of New Brighton still maintains its distinct boundaries - a clearly defined and identifiable area along the coastal margin of the city limits, accessed by crossing the Travis Swamp or the bridges across the Avon at South Brighton, New Brighton and Bower Avenue.  Players and club members generally still have their roots in the area, with long-term family ties and links.

History of the jersey, club monogram and crest

  • 1953 - the senior team first played in the "full gold" jersey; previously black with gold hoops.
  • 1968 - The official club monogram and crest which remains today was first placed on club blazers and dress jerseys.  Previously it had been a rugby player running in front of goal posts.  Jim Geddes, a committee member, worked with William (Bill) Brittenden , first Principal of Aranui High School, and the school"s Art Teacher to develop the new design.
  • 1994 - this monogram and crest was included on the playing strip for the first time (refer photos in clubrooms).

The story behind the Crest

nbrfc logo2   

  • The lion represents rampant strength - strong hearted.  The blocks or keystones symbolise unity and strength.
  • The lower segment is part of the city coat of arms - a sheaf of wheat with pukekos either side.  Pukekos are swamp birds that live immediately behind the dunes. They are fiercely protective of their territory.

  • "Kia Kaha" means "Be strong" - this is a "do now" action phrase.

Club Colours

  • Black represents unlimited potential - never allow this to be squashed.  Use and develop your talents and skills.
  • Gold of the wheat and/or the pingau found in the dunes.  Pingau is a form of marram grass - a hardy plant whose deep roots spread out widely, holding the dunes together.

Combined, these stories demonstrate the 3 things the New Brighton Rugby Football Club stands for and believes in.

  • Fiercely protective of local area and its people (separated from centre of Christchurch by Travis Swamp).
  • Unity - family
  • Strength of character

Championship Titles

The New Brighton Senior Team has won the senior club championship FIVE times:

  • 1968; 1971(shared the title)
  • 1978; 1984; 2013

New Brighton's four All Blacks

  1. Dr Hugh C. Burry (1960)
  2. Kerry J. Tanner (1974-76)
  3. Issac Ross (2009)
  4. Ryan Crotty (2013-19)

Eastern Community Sport & Recreation Inc

ECSR logo

New Brighton Rugby Football Club is a founding member of Eastern Community Sports and Recreation Incorporated (ECSR).

The objects of ECSR are to be beneficial to the community by:

1.1.         Administering and operating the Facilities in a manner agreed to by the Members;

1.2.         To provide information and assistance, resources and opportunities for communication with and between the members of Rawhiti Community Sport Inc.

1.3.          To meet and promote the interests of its membership.

1.4.         Through the provision of those facilities:

(a) assisting in and fostering the development and growth of sports, recreation and leisure-time activity; and

(b) improving the conditions of life for the people in the community.”

1.5.         To do all such things and undertake such activities as are necessary, incidental, or conducive to the advancement of these objects.

Over the 2nd half of 2019 and early 2020, the NBRFC Clubrooms were converted to the Eastern Hub with the aim of making the Clubrooms available to all member clubs and community groups. The objective of this change was to make the building more sustainable with 12 month of the year use, rather that the 4 months of the rugby season. 

To see more on ECSR go to the following website.





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