Golden Oldies


Golden Oldies Lions
Welcome back to Golden Oldies being played at New Brighton. It has been a few years
since the club has had a team so we had to start from scratch. The call went out to see if
there were some punters. It was a slow start but we ended up having to cut the numbers
once we had 30 players. We missed out on the “Worlds” tournament but ended up playing
10 games this season. - All games end a draw so there are no stats for you..
All in all it was a great season except for the few player trips to A & E - especially after the
first game. Fortunately the team trip to Hanmer didn’t result in any such trip.
Huge thanks to the team that got this all off the ground. Kelso, Smithy and Shaun. Here's to
a great bunch of guys, let’s all keep on laughing and playing the game we love so much.
Golden oldie of the year Darren Reeves Smith
Kia Kaha
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2019 Golden oldie of the year Shaun Reynolds


2020 New Brighton Golden Lions Golden Oldies
Another year done and dusted and a few more of to A & E.
We had a warm welcome to three new players this year.
We managed to get three games this year, we hosted Woodend for our opener which was a
great just to get out on the field.
Another highlight of cause was club day, until a few senior players challenged us oldies to a
few boat racers, I would love to say experience excelled over youth, but no.
Our second game was down in Ashburton, success no injuries, even with management
leaving port glass to close to the sideline for a tackled player to smash into.
Final game over the hill in the port of Lyttleton, no success this game Troy injuring himself
without anyone touching him.
Overall to was great year a big thanks to the team behind the team, the managers and
Golden oldie of the year Andrew Kelso.
Finally, we had our team trip to Queenstown what else would old people do in Queenstown,
Play lawn bowls and Golf.
Looking forward to 2021 and the centennial.
Kia Kaha
Michael Woodrow


2021 Centennial year New Brighton Golden Lions Golden Oldies

 How exciting to open the centennial weekend by playing Whakarewarewa. This game led to a great weekend enjoyed by all. Like Troy last year we had Shakey go down with a serious injury with no one touching him. It was a highlight to rekindle the relationship with the Whakarewarewa club. It was great to see Dinger Bell come out of retirement for this game. We also had our first father and son combination playing in the team this year. Cory and Bazza Dorset.

Second game was New Brighton hoisting Lyttleton the day after Senior club day, so a few sore heads before kickoff.

Unfortunately, the rain caused us to cancel our game against Springston, we also missed playing them last year due to Lock down Covid -19.

We headed to Woodend, where the ladies opened the day with a competitive game of netball. Before a spectacular show of skills on the rugby field was happening until Woody had to visit A&E.

A game in Hanmer to play the Amuri Rams was a great excuse for a weekend away. A few too many beers the night before at the local with our opposition after a golf game, gave the edge to the Rams on the rugby field. That and playing against a New Brighton legend Nick McMullan (Knuckles).

We doubled up with a game the next weekend against a lot of old New Brighton players when we played Linwood, when their option cancelled on them. Was great to catch up with some old faces.

We had one more event at the Kaiapoi tournament where we were about to reveal our new strip. But due to another lock down this will have to wait until next year.

Overall to was great year a big thanks to the team behind the team, the managers and committee.

Golden oldie of the year Regan Fox.

Looking forward to 2022.

 Kia Kaha

Michael Woodrow


New Brighton Golden Lions Golden Oldies 2022

2022 was a full year off games for us after two years of on and off again games, we managed to get through a full roaster of games, we also unveiled our new playing strip, as our previous strip keeps shrinking.
First game we hosted Springston who we hadn’t played in three years due to the Covid -19, it was good to get through without the use of the stretcher or the defibrillator.
We also played games against Lyttleton and Woodend before we headed up to Hanmer to play the Amuri Rams, Which was a great weekend as a lot of the Amuri rams are ex New Brighton players, which is why we love playing Golden oldies a great chance to catch up with old friends and foes on and off the field. Need less to say the Amuri rams ran rings around us, may have something to do with too much celebrating the night before.
This year we had our first official game against Linwood, again we played against some old New Brighton players.
Our last game was the Kaiapoi tournament where we had five games in one day. To say we had a fit team to play the last game is and understatement, we had 15 bodies on the field that is all I can say.
A big thanks go to:
Angela Green who did a great job looking after our home games.
Alan Burke for some great action shots
David Smallwood our Hydration specialist
Overall to was great year a big thanks to the team behind the team, the managers and committee.
Golden oldie of the year David Smallwood.

Kia Kaha
Michael Woodrow


2023 New Brighton Golden Lions Golden Oldies


New blood was what we were after our playing numbers have dropped over the last few years.

New players Api, Quentin, Keg, JB were a welcome addition.

We now have the biggest management team in canterbury with retires just becoming more managers.

We started the year with a warmup Cricket game vs the Bower our new home away from home. which we went down with a few too many to get off the last over.

Our first Rugby game was against Springston at home was a great way to start the season, again a success with no visits to the hospital. With away games in Lyttleton and Woodend before we headed to Hamner for our annual game against the Amuri Rams. But first the annual Golden Oldies golf cup to compete for, another cold wet day on the golf course so our numbers were down, the successful pair and second year in a row to take it out well done Charlie and Darryl.

After a few celebrations drinks the game, the next day was a bit slow, which lead to the mighty Rams taking out the game.

We had one more event at the Kaiapoi tournament, 5 Games in one afternoon was a big ask but the team did themselves proud. Except for the Managers forgetting to bring out the water bottles, Ok beer it is.

We are still in training as we head to wellington for our finally game of the year, wish us luck.

Overall, it was a great year a big thanks to the team behind the team the managers and committee.

And a big thank you to Kelso for all his work to keep the team together.

Golden oldie of the year Brendon Stevens ‘Donnie’.

Looking forward to 2024.

Thank you to our sponsors.

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Kia Kaha

Michael Woodrow