2018 Blazer Day

Our annual Blazer Day event was held on Saturday 16 June 2018.

Initiated in 2010, the motivation for Blazer Day was to get those players that had played 50 Division One/Premier games back supporting the Club, many who may have drifted away over the years.

Around 40 blazer club members (those players that have played 50 Senior Division One/Premier games) were present at various stages this year and all of these players have been presented with 50 game, and 100 games badges if applicable, over the past 8 years.

One new blazer club member joined this group this season - Ben Nelson (debut 2013), one more after today's game (Ryan Newman - debut 2015) and two more are anticipated over the following two weeks.

We have 128 players that have played in excess of 50 Senior Division One (Premier games) 70 of those have gone on to play 100 games.

From next week, we are going to introduce another new tradition by asking all existing Blazer Club members to turn up in the Clubrooms post game when a new player is about to get a blazer (I will advise all existing Blazer Club members). All Blazer Club members will join the new inductee on the stage for his presentation.

Since 2010 we have retrospectively awarded blazers to two players who played in era's prior to the Club issuing blazers. The Club has enjoyed this opportunity and each of the recipients have been very willing to accept one.

 This year's two recipients were -

Garth Samuels                     


1979-1986       (includes playing in 1984 Championship Winning team)

70 + Games

Remains a loyal supporter of Club and attends a number of games each season

Has been a social member and supporter of Go for Gold Club for many years

 IMG 0580


Ian Penrose (Patron), Garth Samuels, Trevor White (Life member) and Ceddie Smith (Life Member)


 Ross Gibson                          


1978-1985       (includes playing in 1978 & 1984 Championship winning                             teams)

119 games

Canterbury  rep                       1979-82                       15 games

 Father (Dave) played 100+ games between 1940-49 and his brother Bruce                          played 50+ games 1972-77 for Senior Division 

 His son (Andy) has recently been appointed as RDO

 IMG 0585


Ian Penrose (Patron), Ross Gibson, Ceddie Smith (Life Member) and Trevor White (Life Member)



 IMG 593